A cat eats houseplants

A cat eats houseplants

A cat eats houseplants for several reasons:

  1. It just likes the taste and smell of them.
  2. It is bored and entertained this way.
  3. The cat does not get all the nutrients it needs from the food, so it makes up for it.

What should you do if a pet has taken to gnawing on your windowsill and chewing your flowers, which you love as much as the cat?

СLet's face it, this has to be stopped immediately. First of all, it is dangerous for the cat itself. Cats can't instinctively distinguish between useful and poisonous plants like, for example, cows, and will eat anything in a row. And many houseplants are really bad for them.

If you have the 3rd reason, just feed your pet better. And most importantly, provide him with fresh grass. How to do this - see 'Cat care'. The 1st and 2nd causes are more complicated - special methods are needed. We suggest some, as practice shows, effective ones:

  1. Tape the window sill rib with double-sided tape. Once stuck, the cat won't climb up again. But a cat is a clever animal and once again it will jump over the danger zone and get to the flower. So this trick doesn't always work.
  2. Animals do not like citrus and pepper. It's a good idea to spray the plant with lemon water, orange water or pepper spray. This will deter the animal.
  3. You can use special products for this purpose which are sold in veterinary shops.

A few words about doubtful methods. Don't spray water on your pet when she has gathered on the window sill. It will be difficult to bathe her later on, as you have instilled fear of water in her. Some owners recommend putting pots of flowers out of the cat's reach. First of all, it's a design disruption, and secondly - do you know many places in your own flat where your cat won't be able to reach?

And a special case is when an animal uses a flower pot as a toilet. Such lovers are quite common. It's simple: decorate the ground around the flower with small stones, moss, shells from the sea. It is beautiful and the goal is achieved. You can cut a disc from wood or plastic leaving a hole for the plant and cover the soil in the pot with it. The interesting thing is that the resulting problem provides opportunities for additional design for a living space on a window sill or flower bed.

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