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Bred in California (United States) in the 1960s.

At the end of the last century a new breed of cat, the Ragdoll, was bred in the USA by crossing the white Angora cat with the Burmese colourpoint. With their calm even somewhat phlegmatic personality and pathological attachment to their owners, these cats fully live up to their name, the Ragdoll, which was officially registered in 1965.

They are quite large animals: males weigh up to ten kilograms and females average six to eight kilograms. There are three basic colours: colourpoint, bicolour, mittens but shades such as blue, chocolate, mauve and royal are also possible. Undercoat is poorly developed so grooming will not be a problem. It is enough to comb your pet once a week, a little more often during the moulting season.

In our cattery you can buy a Ragdoll kitten as a pet, for breeding and for a show career. Choose a kitten below and contact us using the contact details in the ad.

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