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Scottish Fold

Today the Scottish Fold or, more commonly known as the Scottish Lop, is one of the most popular and desirable breeds. Their cute appearance, calm and balanced character, high intelligence, aristocratic manners and attachment to their owners are only a small part of this breed's qualities. No fear can be left alone with small children, as this breed has absolutely no aggression.

A strong, well-built body, large, wide-open eyes and a plush coat encourage them to be picked up and petted. A characteristic feature is the whiskers, a consequence of a genetic mutation. They are bent, forward and downward, and tightly against the head. They are unpretentious in care and feeding. Like the British, they are prone to obesity, so they need exercise and diet.

In our cattery you can buy a Scottish Fold kitten as a pet, for breeding and for a show career. Choose a kitten below and contact us using the contact details in the ad.

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